I was asked to shoot a video for Hate Meditation, an American black metal project with artists from NachtmystiumSatyriconLeviathan and Vitandus. The video would be part of a series of interviews with the band members, supporting their release of the album "SCARS" on Indie Recordings.The other interviews were never produced, probably due to the whole Nachtmystium debacle that happened a while ago. I chose to release this one anyway, since I think it turned out pretty atmospheric. Take it for what it is.

A short message from Seregor for all the Carach Angren fans in Russian. Shot on request of a Russian metal blog. 

Now more than 300.000 views on the first video clip I ever made! Carach Angren's "The Sighting is a Portent of Doom" from the 2011 release "Death Came Through A Phantom Ship". Funny story: I shot this video without prior experience, without budget and without pro-camera gear. All I had was 2 $10 lights, some beer, good friends and a spooky attic. The camera used is a $300 Sanyo HD1010 compact camera. Editing done in Sony Vegas. :)